Finally I feel normal (only by way of mess) but yeah!

so it’s almost sunrise and in AZ at this time of year it’s close to 5:30am.  But if you have any type of sleeping disorder you won’t find it odd that I’m out and about right now.

    So my nuvigal is what I take for fatigue and what I’ve been diagnosed with as OSA(obstructive sleep apnea) a fairly mild form of sleep apnea.  When I took the over night sleep study, I of course begged for a take home test and was able to get one. I  picked up the equipment in the afternoon on a Tuesday and got a little instructions from the front desk and a pamphlet for doing it at home.  So later that night when I was very close to falling asleep which was maybe 7:30 pm.. And this was late for me, but I was instructed that I needed to keep the device on my body for at least 8 hours. At this point in time my pattern of sleep was to eat my largest meal as late as possible and try to space out my last remaining clonapin so I could crawl into bed before I fell asleep.

   Sounds strange but for the last 3 years I have been very comfortable sleeping outside… And at first I would fall asleep in a camping chair in my backyard.  But when summer came so did allot of my worst things… Cockroaches! I Hate  the little bastards.. And by hate I mean despise and fear more than any other small insect. I really don’t know how I have been living in AZ my whole life since roaches are a seasonal habitat of the dessert.

  But back to the sleep study.. I found it  to have less bugs in the front yard on a metal glider. So I have gone from just a few hours of sleep out side, to the entire night out side, and then back to my bed when I would get extremely sore in my back and neck. Which is a story in itself as to dealing with neck pain.  

    So I had eaten and not taken any clonapin but was still getting very tired.. So I quickly assembled my test outfit with was a strap across my chest that was positioned right under my breasts.  Not very comfortable but it also had the main part of the device attached to it.. The strap was a 2″ tall velcro strap and it has a 4×4 black machine that when I hooked up the link to my chest with a sticker and an oxygen tube in my nose, I turned the machine on and it popped up with my oxygen saturation, my pulse and my heart rate. 


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I am just another person with problems and issues. However for me to cope with and grow from life's little punches, I have become a person I never thought I would be.

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