What do you do when pharmacy dictates my life..

I’m sitting in the back of my pharmacy and it’s dark and quiet because it’s Sunday morning and the clinic is closed so I have a quiet spot to sit down and talk to you about the last few days.          I’ve missed quite a bit of posting and I am frustrated with myself for this, I have tried to get the energy to make a post that is helpful and positive because having chronic disease is something that I have found makes it hard to find very much positive in my daily life. So just a lot of anxiety and depression and ups and downs from what I found out later was a serotonin saturation that was caused by my cymbalta and my allergy medications. Living in AZ my whole life I am just now beginning to develop seasonal allergies that increase to the point of congestion and eye irritation and skin itching, nasal congestion and the whole bunch of shit that differs from a normal spring day to a windy day. So I have been trying different types of allergy medicine and I found mucinex to be pretty good at working on the congestion.  So I am going to post a video of the ridiculous mess of symptoms and hopefully I can start to feel a little bit more balanced. Not to mention today is mothers day and I haven’t talked to my son in over a week.  But I will post more about what I have found to get myself through the last week of running out of medication and going to the sphycologist and all the stressful shit that I have been having to deal with.  And I know you have just as much to deal with in your life so please let me know your thoughts on coping with withdrawal from meds or having meds clash and make you feel crazy..  I would love to hear some feedback.  Have a great day and take time to tell your mom how much she means to you… Even if it’s a step mom or if you are not in a great place with your mom.. Or if your mom has passed away, maybe you have a fantastic person who you are close to and look up to in the absence of a mother. Anyways I do hope you can relate or laugh at my ridiculous behavior. Love Sarah 


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I am just another person with problems and issues. However for me to cope with and grow from life's little punches, I have become a person I never thought I would be.

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