Is sleeping all night what normal people do?

Hello I am obviously going to let you know a bit about some of my nightly habits, and sleeping for 8 hours is something I really can’t remember… I know I did it as a kid, but for the last 5 years I have not slept all the way through the night.  


marbles is with me all the time .

  so I can start by saying that you won’t probably be very interested in what I do when I can’t sleep, because I smoke.. And I have been through many arguments with my Dr’s who want to blame anything that I have trouble with, is because I smoke.  (I know it causes cancer and is terrible and I don’t intend for you to support the habit) The actual beginning of my sleep issue was when I started to fall asleep in a camping recliner in my backyard.. My mom who I have lived with for the last 8 years when my dad passed away from colon cancer and at the same time I was beginning clinical trials. But my mom would yell at me and wake me up, but after a few weeks I started falling asleep in the process of having one more cigarette and not remembering what happened.

   Fast forward to now.. I still fall asleep outside, but I have been able to get into my bed for a good part of the night more frequently. The reason I believe for having a better way of managing my OSA(obstructive sleep apnea) is one I finally was capable of forcing myself to do a sleep study , and second is because of the drug Nuvigal (armadafanil)? Not sure of the exact drug name.

    Beautiful as it sounds to take a pill and sleep all night and wake up not feeling like you were attacked by wild animals all night, and be productive and useful until the end of the day… Yeah I don’t have the delusional expectations for medications like I used to.. I  have great and terrible things to say about Nuvigal, but I am going to post my drug reviews of the meds I’ve ever had and am still taking, in a different category. But if you have taken nuvigal and have any suggestions or questions I would love to hear from you.

      As for now I am going to try and make the best of my day and right now is my prime time for energy and motivation so I hope you are well and I would love to hear any story’s or complaints.. US sickies need to stay together. 

     Sarah ♻️


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I am just another person with problems and issues. However for me to cope with and grow from life's little punches, I have become a person I never thought I would be.

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